Thursday, 5 January 2023

The greatest gift and the attending awe by Pastor Gbenga Aluko



                              Text: Luke 1:29-34, 2:34-35

                            The greatest gift and the attending awe

This will be done with following subheadings:


The greatest gift to human

The awe

The conclusion


The gospel according to Luke was written by Doctor Luke a Greek Physician and the focus as stated was to give accurate information about the life and the direct experience that he had of/with Jesus.Luke 1:1-4.The book begins with the prophecy about the birth of Jesus' fore runner John the baptist then to that of Jesus the rave of the moment,the reason for the season, do you know him,does he know you?

                      THE GREATEST GIFT TO HUMAN RACE

its important to highlight few reason it is safe/in order to say He is the greatest gift to all humanity:

He is a gift of God/from God: John 1:1 ff clearly establishes that Jesus is God and that He came to this undeserving world,John 16:28 in this scripture Jesus states that He came from God,who gives a gift most times determines the value/importance of that gift,if God now chooses to give a gift then we can be sure it is the greatest gift.

His mission is great: Matt. 1:21 clearly tells that Jesus came to settle the issue of sin,no other thing/person has the capacity to settle the issue of Sin for all being and all at once like Jesus did,then He is the greatest gift to all humanity.

His conception is without rival:Luke 1:35 says clearly how strange His conception will be,the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the most High will overshadow Mary His mother,against the usual norm of biological interaction between man and woman, this is without rival till date,He is for sure the greatest gift.

His birth was greeted by angelic choir: Luke 2:13-14 tells about angelic choir on earth,heralding and saluting king Jesus on His human arrival on earth. 

                                  THE AWE

The scriptures introduces Prophet Simeon in the scriptures Luke 2:1ff as one who is righteous,devout and who has the Holy spirit indwelling in him,if you and I are to come under the measuring guage of the Spirit of God what would be the revelations? 2Tim.3:16, The following are a few of the scintillating ripples or joyful confusion that was created by the greatest gift to the world,Jesus.

A virgin being pregnant: It is easy to relate with this now,but there and then it was uneasy to deal with, a young virgin espoused to a young man discovered she is going to be/was with a child this sincerely was a concern.

causing a lot to fall: the birth,ministry and departure of Jesus Christ from this sinful world caused,is causing and will continue to cause lots to fall two of which are: darkness and all they represent John 1:5,the lacuna,distance between us and God which was physically represented with what happened in Matt.27:51 fell never to rise again giving us direct access to God Halleluyah.

The deepest thoughts of the heart will be revealed: Jesus knowing all things at different times revealed the intension of the heart,and even the holy Spirit which he promised and did send is a revealer of secret and hidden things,and from the time of Jesus plotting against someone even by supposed believers/teachers of the law/Pharisees/Saducees and scribe who were supposed to be custodians of Gods law was revealed,wickedness and weakness even in the hearts of people in the tabernacle/temple became revealed.

A sword will pierce your very soul:This is because Jesus against the believe in most quarters isnt going to live long enough to bury you his mother,he hasnt come to live in duration but in donation, he may not live long but he has come to create an impact/a system/process and children that will be forever .


The gift of Jesus created some positive discomfort which was due to His person, assignment,human nature,human undertstanding amongst other factors beyond us but when we take a look at our lives today,in our homes,offices,society and our celebration of Christmas are we not creating another confusion for people as there may be distortions between our actions,inactions,lives and that expected of a Christian,lets represent christ well from now and for the rest of our lives as He sees and will reward all deeds.Rev.20:12


Friday, 2 December 2022

Zedekiahs in Ministry by Gbenga Aluko


Text: 1 kings 22:10-12 & 24

Topic: The Zedekiah"s in Ministry 

This exhortation will be done with the following sub -headings:


B.Kings: Jehoshapat and Ahab an unholy alliance

C.Zedekiah the false prophet and his undoings



There is a scholarly debate still ongoing  about the author of first and second kings.However God is the inventor and controller of history,the books shows that only God establishes kings that will fullfill destiny,serve the people well and bring glory back to Him.Also the books established the fact that God derserves and commands obedience from His creatures via the analogy of the lives of godly and ungodly kings and their respective rewards.

Kings: Jehoshapat, Ahab an unholy alliance 

a.King Ahab was king of Israel while Jehoshapat was king of Judah, remember the kingdom was split before the reign of King Solomons son into two Israels north and Judahs south 1 Kings 12:15ff.

b.King Ahab had 400 fake prophets who prophesises what pleases him but Jehoshapat sensed they are not speaking the truth totally and representing God correctly vs 6-8

c.king Ahab had hos cup of evil full and heaven permitted a lying spirit from heaven, 1 King 21:1ff Naboths vineyard is amongst many evils done while king Jehoshapat was just in a bad company and almost paid with His life 1 King 22:22 any lessons on association?

Zedekiah: The false prophet

There are two major Zedekiah's mentioned in the scripture.

One is the twentieth and last king of Southern kingdom 2 King 24-25, he was a vassal of Babylon( renamed and enthroned by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon) hence he was loyal to him he however was warned twice by Prophet Jeremiah but he did not heed, he suffered for it greatly Jer.34 & 37.

We are not focusing on that Zedekiah for tonight but on Zedekiah the false prophet, we will just study his deeds and misdeeds, apply same to todays ministry and attempt to learn salients lessons from it.

* he made for himself horns of irons vs.11 trying to make himself and imitating acts of genuine Prophets Deut 33:17 Moses blessing and Prophesying Israel.

*lying on God and His Spirit and as such ill advising king Ahab 1 king 22:11& vs.24

* dangerously daring and reckless, slapped a genuine man of God for nothing 1 king 22:24

*openly opposing the genuine prophet even when he knows he is fake vs.23&24


It is rather unfortunate that the two major Zedekiah's mentioned in the scripture are not good examples to follow,what kind of minister are we? It is a matter of time we will soon become history but will our memory be a lesson or blessing may God help us all.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance.

Friday, 7 October 2022

The great commission by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Text: Matt.28:18-20

Topic: The great commission 

This topic will the considered with the following headings:

Background to the study

Disciples make disciples

New Disciples are to be taught

He will be with us all the way

The reason for the refusal to the great commission



Background to the study 

The gospel according to Matthew who was the son of Alphaeus a tax collector, he by grace of God turned a disciple of Christ and via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit documented the book of reference (Matthew) between AD 60 & 75.Central to the book is Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of heaven Matt 4, 13, 17, 18, etc. what is central to our life, actions and even teachings today?

Chapter twenty eight of Matthew which has our anchor text starts out with the account of activity on resurrection morning, the great earthquake, the angelic visitation, the rendering impotence of the guards on duty to keep the sepulcher, and the reminder for the earlier scheduled meeting in Galilee, then Jesus’ physical appearance and assurance. May we not take this great sacrifice for granted in Jesus mighty name. Amen

Disciples make disciples 

Jesus commissioned and commissions his disciples not those that are against the gospel, not the Pharisees/Sadducees and Teachers of the law who were always at loggerhead with God’s course, are they still around today? Yes, Matt.28:19, you can’t be a discipler without first being a disciple. Jesus trained the people he called from various backgrounds till they became disciples/apostles and strong enough to run such great errands and then He sent them. 

 Jesus trained them well and widely, by His example, teachings, demonstrations, in public and private (a model for today’s teachers) and afterwards sent them to wait/tarry to receive the promise of the Father (Holy Ghost) Acts 1:4-8. Only those that tarry for His Spirit are entitled for His empowerment which is requisite for the great commission the Jesus model.Acts.1:8 you can’t be a discipler without His Spirit

New Disciples are to be taught 

One of the thrust of the great commission is to teach new disciples to be obedient to all of God’s commandment Matt.28:20.There is also the dire need and command to teach the new disciples till they become strong/matured to the full stature of Christ. No one can teach correctly without His Spirit John 14:26, The Holy Spirit is the master teacher. Alas you may teach/attempt to teach what you want/like/or have in your head/capacity but you impact who you are, as such a disobedient person can’t have an obedient protégée except by divine arrangement, watch who you follow and listen to, those to follow anyone in this time and age are intelligent enough to do same, it takes someone obedient to God to teach new disciples to be and do same. Obedience is expedient in our walk with God and our work for Him, Abraham obeyed a very difficult order/test Gen. 22:1ff, and Jesus obeyed up to the point of death Phil.2:8, are we any obedient today?

He will be with us all the way 

God stays with His own no matter the confrontation/manipulation/machinations or accusations, Is.43:2 says that even when you pass through water/fire He will be with us, the psalmist also sang same thing Ps.23:4 that says even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me, Jesus further reiterated this that as long as we are His own and about His business that He will be with us till the end of the age Matt.28:20,what :a hope, an assurance, a comfort, a consolation. John 8:29.The big challenge is to continue to be His own and do His bidding may God help us in Jesus mighty name. Amen

The reason for the refusal to the great commission 

Ø  We have not met Christ: There is the possibility that we have not met Christ hence our refusal or dullness in carrying out the Great Commission, John 4 tells an account of a woman who met Jesus and immediately she ran to her people and told them she had met the Saviour. If we have met Christ we will tell people about him.

Ø  We have lost focus: Martha who was a sister to Lazarus was very busy with what Jesus will eat amongst other issues Luke 10:38-42 but Mary sat with Jesus receiving words of life Jesus had to speak to Martha about it.

Ø  We don’t understand God’s timing and season: John 4:34 Jesus was addressing an issue and said the people should open their eyes/lift up their eyes and look at the field that it is ripe for harvest, lack of spiritually depth and correct reading of the obvious signs of the end time which are here with us is also a reason we will neglect the great commission.

Ø  Spiritual attack: our adversary the devil who already knows his own end will do everything to resist our obeying the great commission so that we won’t reduce the population of people to be with him in hell, halleluyah he has failed on us.



The sending of God by God is a foundation and a replica of the great commission, even at the very beginning of mankind, shortly after creation and the subsequent fall of man, God became the first missionary Gen.3:8-9. In Jesus, God in man and man in God who left heaven to reconcile men to God, becoming the good news in a bad world John 3:16, and in the Holy Spirit who is the God sent to us and God in us to assist in the great commission, at just His presence the once timid Peter won thousands for Christ Acts 2:41, God is the most successful missionary. Mission and evangelism are major microcosm of the great commission, the great commission is not only a command, God himself has shown us the example to follow, may we not be bastards, failing ourselves in this all important task in Jesus mighty name, Amen.







Thursday, 15 September 2022

progeny of Achan by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Text: Joshua 7:10-18

Topic: progeny of Achan

The teaching will be done with the following sub-headings:


Who is Achan

What did he do and what was the consequence

Characteristics of his progeny/descendants today


According to Jewish tradition, Joshua is the human vessel whom via God’s spirit wrote the biblical book named Joshua, although he was born a slave in Egypt and was one of the twelve spies sent to the promised land Number 13, God worked on, in and through him to the point that he emerged the successor to Moses leading God’s people to their age long promised land, he also was the leader of God’s people when Achan suddenly became notorious before his destruction.

 The famous wall of Jericho fell in chapter 6 inspite of strong human effort to protect and preserve it, may it please the Lord that all human effort against us will fail no matter who is involved, how it evolved or how it is evolving in Jesus mighty name Amen. The story tilted a little south but for God’s covenant and mercy in chapter seven which is our focus for tonight. May god open our eyes to see the gems in His word Amen.

                                   Who is Achan

Achan name means to change in a negative manner both in Aramaic and Hebrew, his father was Cami from the family of Zimri, the clan of Zerah and the tribe Of Judah Joshua 7:1, 16-17.

                   What did he do and what was the consequence

He stole some of the dedicated things for himself, what are the things he stole: robes from Babylon, 200 Silver coins, a bar of gold.

God was as a consequence angry with Israel may we become better human beings ourselves and may God also deliver us from every wrong associations in Jesus mighty name Amen.

                         Characteristics of his progeny/descendants today

This will be an application of various term with which Achan was labeled in the scripture:

1. They violate instructions vs.1, Is.1:19

2. They are consistent and intentional sinners Vs.10, Rom.6:23

3. Breaks covenant Vs.10, Joshua 6:24

4. Steals from God and Man Vs.10

5. They will always put people in trouble Vs.5. thirty six (36) persons died.

Saturday, 10 September 2022

Then God will not answer by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


Text: Prov.1:28-33

Topic: Then God will not answer

The topic will be considered with the following sub-headings


Why do we need answers from God

Then God will not answer




King Solomon was the son of famous King David and also a king in Israel in fact he was the last king of a united Israel in his era, he was very wealthy and God also gave him wisdom too after an encounter with Him as a result of his enormous sacrifice 2 Chro.1: ff, 1 king 3:10ff, he wrote three thousand proverbs and one thousand and five poems, he was the primary author of the book of proverbs. May God in His mercies grant us encounters that will change everything about us forever in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Our chapter of reference is the first chapter of the book and it shows the purpose of proverbs

Which is to amongst others emphasized wisdom and discipline as a prerequisite for success prov.1:2-3 and also underscored the fact greedy people are setting a trap for themselves Prov.1:17-19 in a way deterring people from all forms of greed, as nobody wants to be caught in any trap nonetheless self-trap. May God open us to the gems in His word amen.

Why do we need answers from God 

The following are just few out of the many reasons for a continued relationship and consistent answers from God: 

Ø  Without Him we are nothing and cannot do anything that will stand the test of time John 5:15

Ø  The world is a battle field                              Ps.23:4,Eph.6:12

Ø  It’s a sure source of confidence                     1 John 5:14-15

Ø  We are His                                                     Ps.100:3

Ø  He is a loving God and has a good plan        James  1:17,Jer.29:11

Ø  It is God’s work: This basically applies to the clergy, you didn’t call yourself and you can’t do God’s work by your wisdom, strength, intellect or other human attributes. 1 Thess.5:24

                                                  Then God will not answer

Taking root from our text, we would consider why God will not answer when people call on him:

Ø  For they hated knowledge                             Pro.1:29

Ø  For you do not fear the Lord                         Pro.1:29

Ø  They refused correction                                Pro.1:30

Ø  Refusing God’s call                                      Pro.1:24


All scriptures are written with the inspiration of God 2 Tim.3:16, God unveiling His mind through human vessels tells us why God did not respond to His people might not respond to calls from His people today.


God will not overlook a genuine cry of repentance and for mercy 2 Chr. 7:14, perhaps we err on the journey all we need to do is to first reconcile with God first not clamoring/praying for things as this might not be answered, but a sincere cry for mercy to God, although He makes everything beautiful in his own time.





Wednesday, 31 August 2022




Text: Psalm 40:1-5

Topic: Divulgence from psalms


This will be done with the following headings:


He awaited and sought

God responded

God’s attributes/doings

Psalmist’s reaction-the challenge



Psalm is a collection of songs and poems written by inspiration of the Holy Spirit by many human authors, some of which are King David, Asaph, Sons of korah, King Solomon, Moses, Heman and Ethnan. According to scholars psalms was canonized (written, compiled and edited as led by the spirit) for about one thousand years (1000).our psalms of reference is said to be prophetic talking about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and was written by kind David.

He awaited and sought

The first thing observed in the referenced psalm is the fact that the psalmist waited and sought the Lord and he did that patiently Vs.1, the writer of this psalm is known to waiting and seeking God psalm 42:1 as the deer pants after the water…However as good and godly it is to wait some verses latter tells us some of the reasons why he waited and why we also wait today:

 Troubles surround me               Vs.12, John 16:33

 My sin pile up so high               Vs.12, Is.1:18, CAC GHB 490

 I can’t see my way out              Vs.12, Prov3:5

 I lost courage                             Vs. 12, 1 Sam.30:6

 Many people try to destroy me   Vs. 14

 Many take delight in my trouble Vs.14

God responded 

He turned and heard my cry Vs.1 psalms 61:1

He lifted me out of the pit of despair vs.2 1 Sam. 2:8

He set my feet on the solid ground Vs.2

He has given me a new song Vs.3 prayer

Many will be amazed and put their trust in Him Vs.3

God’s attributes/doings

You have no equal Vs.5, 1 Sam.2:2 Hannah sang there is none beside thee…

You take no desire in sacrifice/offerings Vs.6 but in a sacrificed life 1 Sam.15:22, Rom.12:1

Psalmist’s reaction-the challenge

Doing God’s will Vs.8,having his instruction written in our heart, telling also about him to people 9-11,telling His justice, faithfulness, saving power, unfailing love.






Friday, 26 August 2022

Led by the Spirit into the wilderness


Text: Luke 4:1-13

Topic: Led by the Spirit into the wilderness


The topic will be considered with the following sub headings:


Conceived by the Spirit

Endued with the Spirit

Led to the wilderness

Closing notes


The book of Luke was written by Luke who scholars refers to as a Greek physician, the book is seen as volume one of the two books he wrote the other being Acts of Apostle, and it was also agreed that he wrote based on personal investigation of eyes witness report of the life of Jesus amongst other details and sources, the books were written to Theophilus then but to all the world now.

The early chapters of the book details a little introduction on the book chapter one verses one through four(Luke 1:1-4), the birth of John the Baptist was prophesied, same experience with Jesus but both was by angels, these prophesies came to fulfillment, Jesus was born then taken to the temple, John the Baptist began to prepare the way for Jesus, chapter three from verses twenty one (Luke 3:21 ff )Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist after which a brief genealogy of Jesus was done before the eventual chapter of reference for today (chapter four),it was an experience that happened immediately Jesus was baptized as recorded in our chosen text, may we live to fulfill all divine/heavenly prophecies hanging over us (in all spheres)and on/about all that is ours in Jesus mighty name.  Amen.

Conceived by the Spirit 

Every human that had lived (asides Adam and Eve that were created Gen 1:26-2:22), that is living were/are products of biological relationship between man and woman (no matter how improved/improvised or scientific we have made it these days) this case is uniquely different, as prophesied/revealed by the angel in Luke 1:35, Matt 1:20 which says “the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the most high will overshadow you”. Mary was engaged to Joseph but by Heaven’s calendar and favour baby Jesus was divinely, miraculously put in her stomach Luke 1:26-27.

To further underscore this is the discreet decision of Joseph to put Mary away with the feeling/thoughts that Mary had a secret sex mate as she was found pregnant with an engagement to him and without sex with him Matt. 1:18-20 but for the divine and angelic intervention the engagement would have been broken silently. Don’t always be looking for escape from all supposed cheatings, go to God remember Jacob in Laban’s house, it is usually very painful but find a way to hear from God please.

Who says our greatness in God, child birth ,ministerial growth pattern, financial blessing, ministerial expansion, promotion at the place of work, business expansion and explosion, travelling abroad or any other thing that our heart desires in line with Gods purpose for our lives must follow a given/specific/humanly formula/model/trend or pattern of people who have gone ahead of us (this is not to encourage laziness of any sort especially those not knowing deeply and keenly the scientific amongst other intricacies of a venture, spiritualizing lack of depth and requisite knowledge maybe with prayers and fasting or even consulting mediums of any sort as the main/only work they do….no no ).

The conception of Jesus wasn’t normal, look unto Jesus, respect and learn from other’s especially those accomplished in arrears you are still working on, follow God whole heartedly/without any reservations, pray to God alone for accomplishment.Heb.12:2, God will use that case to surprise people and start a new model/theory of reference in Jesus mighty name. Amen

Endued by the Spirit

The scripture in John 3:34 clearly tell us that Jesus doesn’t only have the spirit of God but He had it even while in human form without measure, in a degree/at a level no other person/human hadn’t and will not have. After His baptism Luke 3:21 the scriptures says that the heavens opened and the Holy spirit in a bodily form of a dove descended upon Him and He was commended as a son who brings great joy to God. Jesus also received affirmations of being from God at the transfiguration experience as the scriptures says in Luke 9:35 ff, Mark 9:7ff, Matthew 17:5ff. Jesus was not only conceived by the Spirit he was endued while on earth and the source of the Spiritual endowments/strengthening was clearly known in the earlier verses of our text and corroborated via the commendations from God.

Led to the wilderness, to be tempted by the devil

Must Jesus be tempted by the devil? What did he gain from the temptation? Is Jesus really God? Must he be directed to the wilderness?

The wilderness not a village at all where most of us will fight with all we have, can call and can borrow to avert, underscoring the recent ile to teju (fertile land),ibi tima ti ri salary gba (locations where my salary will be constant and maybe fat too, all in the words of our highly revered president at the Inauguration of Sophia Ajayi Regional headquarters and induction of her maiden Regional Superintendent. If we must fulfill mandate in ministry we must do it in God’s way, at His pace, following His process. And all this may not be all palatable/attractive/lucrative, our preacher last week (on SOTS a whats app platform majorly for minister where God’s word is taught weekly) mentioned that God blesses those He had worked on underscoring that God takes people through His process. If you cut corners at any point you have short-circuited God and His provisions for you as you have looked to the hills and will continue to do that except you repent. Jesus stood for something far too important not to be opposed or hampered or disturbed by the devil himself, if we are for Christ and doing something for His course we will be buffeted by the devil, Jesus’ experience is a model for us. God’s spirit directed God’s son to the wilderness to be tempted by God’s enemy-THE DEVIL. Are we better than Jesus?

Closing notes

The fact that you are having it all sweet in ministry is not a sign that God is leading you all the way, Jesus didn’t have all like that, Moses ran from home for forty years, Paul had a thorn in His flesh 2 Cor. 12:7, Jeremiah was named a weeping prophet, all the Apostles died in not a palatable form, if we are in the ministry by God’s calling and for His sake and are still with Him in spirit and truth and He brings a sweet experience lets enjoy it while it last but in abstemiousness.