Wednesday 14 February 2024

Who do ye say I am by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


                                                                  Text: Matt. 16:13-17

Topic: Who do ye say I am

Our Lord and Saviour although omniscient decided to ask His disciples two germane questions amongst an abundance of even spiritual issues he could raise with them such as: did you take a record to the extent possible of the miracles in the last crusade, which of those miracles were you surprised the most about, have you all done what is necessary for the next outreach as assigned but he chose in this passage to ask these:

Who do people say I am           vs.13

Who do ye say I am                  vs.15

If we were to ask ourselves the same questions, digging into our encounters, experiences, and knowledge of Jesus what would our response be?

Some facts about the knowledge/knowing of Jesus 

1. The knowledge of Jesus revelational vs.17: en-route Emmaus Jesus journeyed with some disciples but they didn’t recognise Him until the breaking of bread when He was revealed Luke 24:13ff, Gal.1:12 Paul gives an account that His testament/teachings were not taken/copied word for word from anyone but by the revelation of Jesus Christ, Jesus responded to the correct and current understanding of Apostle Peter that flesh and blood didn’t reveal what he knew to him.

2. It is progressive and continuous: Just like God and His messengers gave a progressive introduction of Jesus to the world viz: At birth Luke 2:8ff At baptismal Matt.3:16-17, At the transfiguration Matt.17:5, At departure to tell that He is coming back albeit as a Judge Acts 1:9-11.Apostle Paul with the level of education, exposure, encounter, and even divine enablement understood that that he needed more of God Phil.3:10.The knowledge of Jesus Christ is progressive, the more we move close to God and listen to Him we know Him more, when we study His word we know Him.

3. It aligns with the scriptures: John 10:35-38, It is not spiritual for anyone to bring any understanding that lacks basis in the scripture irrespective of the person's age, image or whatever he/she has, that stance will be anti-God, God is His word John1:1.

A lot of us define God based on encounters we have had with Him, and things He has done for us amongst others which may not be bad in fact all the names of God in the scriptures and the ones we call Him aside what He called himself are outcomes/outburst of encounters they/we had with him.

Jesus summarily did three things as a man: Destroy the works of the devil 1John 3:8, Restored men back to God John 4, raise disciples who would take the gospel to the uttermost part of the world Mark 16:15, and humans have given diverse names to Him along these lines, this stance isn't bad however.

Summarily Jesus is more than what people call him/say, Peter said Thou art Christ the son of the living God, no matter the location and situation that definition suffices, it is an eternal/valid definition of His personality, have you met Him?

Monday 29 January 2024

Your will be done by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


                                                     Text: Luke 22:36-42

Topic: Your will be done


The message will have the following sub-heading:

Jesus knew His purpose and time

He demonstrated a divine order of leadership

He prayed for Peter

He emphasized the need for preparation

Thy will be done

Jesus knew His purpose and time

God is the only perfect planner, He doesn’t only plan events, He plans destiny and He does this with eternity in view and with everything within His control and confines, What a mighty God we serve.

God deployed many plaques to set His people Israel free from the servitude cum oppression by the Egyptians, empty-handed He had carefully told the children of Israel to prepare meals that can stay for a while, and also ask for things from the Egyptians so that they do not go empty handed Ex.3:22.What a God, what a plan.  

He demonstrated a divine order of leadership

Jesus had a clearly different idea on leadership this was clearly stated in Vs:25-27.

The people of the world may call self-enthronement/dictatorship/manipulation or maltreatment leadership but this isn't so with our Jesus hallelujah.

Jesus’ idea of leadership is service, so if we are going to follow Him in words and deeds our leadership should be that of service,  whether we are at home, with family, office, in the community, or at work in the church, He gave us an edge to serve others, we celebrate always our servant leader and Saviour Jesus Christ today and always.

He prayed for Peter

Satan always desires what God desires albeit for a different purpose, Satan can never have a good intention towards anyone or anything, you can not be an exemption be wary of him 1pt.5:8, this he does to get back at God for being cast out of heaven and having a designed eternal fate in hell Is,14:12, Matt.25:41, run from the devil don’t let him add you to his company to hell.

He came for Adam Gen.3:1ff, and came for Jesus Matt 4:1ff, Peter was not an exception to this ugly trend but Jesus prayed for him. If you are truly a child of God, watch and pray in the words of Jesus Christ. Matt. 26:41. May every plan of the devil for us fail woefully in Jesus' mighty name. Amen.


He emphasized the need for preparation

Jesus saw that the disciples weren't ready for the evil days that they were to shortly witness, they were casual, lacking stamina, were not equipped enough, didn’t possess the doggedness and requisite spiritual temperature to confront the looming set of event hence He told them to rise up/wake up

However, the sword He spoke about wasn’t physical Eph.6:17.

Thy will be done 

We can take the following application from that expression in the passage Vs.42

1. That Jesus had an unbroken relationship with God throughout His voyage on earth. John 8:28-29

2. An outburst from a broken and sorrowful man.Vs.42

3. A statement of surrender. Have you surrendered your life to Him?

Please this year and beyond do not stand in the way of God, do not allow the devil and his cohorts to take you out of His will, God’s will is the best for us.


Friday 19 January 2024

Go in this thy might by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


                                                       Text: Judges 6:7-14

Topic Go in this thy might 

This will be discussed with the following subheadings


The children of Israel cried

The Lord answered

Go in this thy might


Sin will always lead to disaster, it does not matter: who was involved, Saul was a king and God rejected him for Sin 1 Sam 16:1, where it is committed, the sons of Eli were committing sin right in the temple and they were judged appropriately 1 Sam.4:17-18, the number of people involved, you remember the Gen 7 and destruction of the earth then also the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Gen.19:24-25.An unrepentant sinner is a disaster waiting to happen Rom.6:23.This year be intentional about avoiding sin and all its pleasures, work out your salvation and sanctification with trembling and fear Phil.2:12. Summarily trust His finished work, pray for grace but be disciplined and flee all appearances of the sin and sinfulness.

Sin led the children of Israel into captivity several times one of such was that of the Midianites Judg. 6:1 the latter even had allies the Amalekites and the children of the East Judg.6:3-6, They overwhelmingly ravaged the Israelites, may God deliver us from every power that wants to or is already ravaging us in Jesus' mighty name Amen.

The children of Israel cried

Thanks be to God for creating prayers, prayer is an earthly permission for heavenly intervention, this year and beyond don’t only watch but also be a person of prayer, don’t bear any needless pain when there is a divine provision for our troubles, don’t get to the end of your strength before inviting God, we serve a prayer answering God. Jer. 33:3.The children of Israel called upon God. Vs.7.

The Lord answered 

The Lord answered His people when they called just like He will answer us today when we call 2 Chro.7:14, His answers had two immediate signs:

Firstly, He sent a Prophet to Israel vs. 8-10

Secondly, He sent His angel to Gideon may we enjoy angelic ministrations this year Amen. The angel said some things three of which are:

The Lord is with thee              vs.12

Thou mighty man of valour     vs.12

Go in thy this thy might           vs.14

We are focused on the last in our list for today.

Go in this thy might

We would as led see the application and implications of the statement, Go in this thy might:

( 1 ) You are the answer to the cry of Israel arise and shine, God is also telling us that we are answers to the cry of people but we must first arise and shine Is.60:1ff.

( 2 )  An Angel was sent to you for an encounter with divinity and also to give privileged information that this battle has been won from the realm of the spirit arise and go and take the victory. This year and beyond God will fight for us and we will take and enjoy the victory but we must be bold and not be idle. Josh. 5:13

( 3 ) An affirmation of divine presence and backup. God's: presence, protection, and Strength Rom.8:31.

If anyone asks you how is this year going to be tell them you are going with His might and in His strength just like Gideon.






Thursday 4 January 2024

The real message of the Christmas celebration by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


                                                           Text: Luke 2:1-11

Topic: The real message of the Christmas celebration

This will be done with the following sub-headings:

When was Christ born precisely

How Christmas is celebrated today

The real message of Christmas

When was Christ born precisely? 

There are lots of scholarly efforts and postulations about the exact date of birth of Jesus Christ as to whether it is the 25th of December as celebrated largely in the world today while some debate this stance and even the manger birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, little wonder some religious folks avoid celebrating Christmas on December 25th of every year because of these amongst other arguments.

Some scholars argued for the date example of such is Saint Augustine, Most Scholars of Catholic origin also follow the same route, other scholars use Astronomical, astrological and other methods to counter the 25th assertion reasoning that:

( a ) calculating from the decree by Augustus Ceaser in Luke 2:1  which states that all should go back to their nativity for a census, kings have records which are passed down from generation to generation, and according to them from available records, it doesn’t show or add up that He was born 25th December

( b )  Luke 2:9 states that while Shepherds watch their sheep by night a messenger from heaven visited them, they asserted that it was not possible to keep sheep in the deep winter around that time, shepherds themselves would rather be under their duvet with heaters in the room.

( c )The priestly duty ascribed to Zechariah in Luke 1:5 which can be traced didn’t connote the possibility of a December 25th birth. Etc.

What should our reaction as Christians be?

( a )It is divine wisdom to be silent where and when the bible is Silent, as no exact date was stated in the scriptures, we should rather be more bothered about obeying/keeping the word/commandments of God as detailed in the scriptures.

( b )We are not particular about the date what we are celebrating is the Person, Purpose and Impart of our Lord Jesus on a general date taken as His birth. If a decree comes today and counters the third-century decree that enforced 25th December we will still celebrate with the same understanding, vigour and funfair currently associated with 25th December. 

How Christmas is celebrated today

Below is a list of how Christmas is celebrated in most parts of the world: 

Going to church

Donation to charity(ies)

Concerts, Carols, Clubbing, watching movies

Gift exchanges

Food drinks and special meals

Santa Claus

Decorations, lights, Christmas trees

These are very good as far as it does not lead to sin or is sin in itself but Christmas is so MUCH MORE.


The real message of Christmas

1. God keep His promises: God has promised saviour for/to humankind from Gen.3:15, Is.9:6 although from the latter scripture to its eventual fulfilment was about 700 years according to theologians, but gladly this prophecy was fulfilled. If it is God who has spoken to you concerning a thing just maintain your purity and alignment he will surely bring it to pass. Num. 23:17

2. His lowly birth:  Luke 2:6-7,God in man born in a lowly place like a manger is full of lessons in itself, A message that great things don’t start great and that where we were born/raised isn't a benchmark for where God can take us to in as much as we remain in Him.

3. The greatest gift/giver and hope for the future: John 3:16 describes Jesus as a gift to save the world making Him the greatest gift ( a gift for the whole world not only that a gift to save the whole world) and God's greatest giver, with the rekindled hope that if He could give us His son, He will give us all that we ask according to His will Rom.8:32

4. A period of sincere assessment: If He left His glory, identity and personality for us Phil.2:7, He emptied himself, then the big question which we all need to answer is, what have I done, am I doing with and for Him?



Friday 15 December 2023

In but not of the world by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


                                                      Text: John 17:11-15

Topic: In but not of the world

This will be done with the following sub-headings:

Lessons from the Prayer of Jesus

The evil called Sin

What Jesus gave His disciples as an antidote for worldliness

Lessons from the Prayer of Jesus 

Luke 17:9, Jesus prayed for His disciples and stated that at that time He didn’t pray for the world, we are aware that He came to die for the whole world, and His blood was for the whole world but very close to His departure, He specifically prayed for His disciple, those on whom He laboured and trusted God for grace for them to continue His assignment, this could have been a special prayer because of their alignment with Him, His father and the eternal assignment i.e. the redemption and reconciliation of men to God. 

If Jesus were to pray for people today based on their alignment with Him and His purpose on earth would we be counted amongst the number Rom. 8:34?

Luke 17:11, Jesus knew where He was going, "I come to thee” It wasn’t a probability or left to chance, He knew He was going back to the Father, If the rapture were to happen now or we transited from this earthly realm now do we know where we are going? Eternity is too long for anyone to transact with, play with or live in uncertainty about, have you given your life to Jesus, are you standing in Him still,, Examine yourself frequently and take amendments, He will still come like a thief in the night,1 Cor.10:12,2 Cor.13:5-7,1 Thess.5:2.

The evil called Sin

In the prayer of Jesus, He mentioned that God would keep His disciples from evil/the evil one vs.15.

One of the identity/major characteristics/method of operation/baits for the captivity of the evil one(the devil) is Sin,1 John 3:8a&b, John 5:14, by implication sin is one of the sterling evil ravaging the earth even from the garden of Eden Gen3:1ff.

The scripture is clear about the perspectives of Sin viz: cravings for physical pleasure, craving for everything we see, pride in our achievements/possessions 1 John 2:16.are you not caught in any of this web?

There is however provisional victory over sin in the name of Jesus hallelujah,  CACGHB 494 verse 1 what can wash away my sin…,this however requires our repentance and decision to never return to the vomit of sin 1John 3:8c&d. Is.55:7,1 John 1:9.

What Jesus gave His disciples as an antidote to worldliness 

The word of God: Jesus echoed in this passage that He gave the disciples what was received from the Father, THE WORD, The latter sanctifies from the filthiness of this continuously degrading world, glory to Jesus. John 17:8,14,17.

Prayer: Jesus prayed vehemently prayed for the disciples, thus laying a precedent for us that if anyone is going to survive the wordiness of this age, such must be a person of prayer. John 17:15.Right prayer provides a platform of visitation to God and as we continue to behold Him we become like Him. 2 Cor.3:18.

The Holy Spirit: Jesus told the disciples to wait in the upper room until they were endowed with the spirit of God Acts.1:4.The spirit of God will teach us all things that are needed for life and Godliness. John 16:13-16. 

Conclusion: The love and unguided interaction with the world can't coexist with that of God, please weigh your options and take your stand, I beseech that you take seriously your love for God and do ALL to keep it, Jesus is coming soon.1 John 2:15-17.James 4:4-8.



Monday 20 November 2023

Don’t go back to that King by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


                                                       Text: Ezra 8:18-22

Topic: Don’t go back to that King

 We will study this with the following headings:


The hands of God on Ezra

The fear of the enemy in the way 

Don’t go back to that king


King Cyrus as prophesied makes a proclamation that the Lord has appointed him to build the temple in Jerusalem. He allows any of God’s people within his jurisdiction to return for this task. Is.44:28,Jer 25:12,Ez.1:1-2

The king returned gold and other articles that Nebuchadnezzar had taken earlier from the temple and built the returnees build an altar to present offerings, they also laid the foundation for the Temple(the formers having been destroyed by invaders). There was a mixture of joy and weeping as the foundation was laid. Ez.1:4-11, the elderly were weeping because when they compared what has just been built to what was there before they cried, are we celebrating the right things?

Ezra a graced and skilled scribe and priest is introduced Ez.7:1ff.King Artaxerxes writes to grant Ezra permission to lead a second group of exiles back to Jerusalem after a short stoppage and provides him with resources and a decree supporting the Temple services.7:16,17,20.No Soldier goes to battle at his/her own expense.1 Cor.9:7.If God has sent us any task he will provide all that is needed in His own way and time.

                The hands of God on Ezra 

God’s hand was on Ezra a scribe and a priest who also made up His mind to seek, do, and teach God’s word/laws 7:10 and this is imperative for a minister also important is the fact that he knew the aforementioned fact for sure. This was highlighted vividly in the book, some of which are 7:6,7:9,7:28,8:18 God’s hand upon you and your ministry? if yes are you doing things with this consciousness?

               The fear of the enemy in the way

Ezra was embarking on a godly journey, he had the support of King  Artaxerxes a world power at that time, and he had a fine array of God’s people with him, he also knew that the hands of God were upon him however he was still fearful of the enemy in the way(an/the enemy he hasn't seen), are we any better today?

However the good part of the fear is what the fear led him to do viz: he proclaimed a fast, sought God’s face 8:21.what a good result that the bad feeling/attitude of Ezra resulted unto.8:21-22.what does your own fear, anxiety cause you to do?

Dont go back to that King

The temptation to return to the king for what you have told the king that God (the king of kings) does when leading God’s people is high, how prepared are you and how are you preparing for periods when you will feel threatened/in need of support and feel pressured to go back to the king, are you already caught in the web and maybe entangled even on oath against righteousness,  peace, and joy? run back to Jesus, He is always willing to welcome us from any prodigal excursion. He can lead you to people but let Him have the wheel as He would also have gone ahead to prepare the person he sent you to.

Ezra thought of going back to the king we can also do so with the following way/method/approach: 

Going back to the world, bowing to its ways, manners, and pressure for supplies/provision especially when things are going south, and it's very difficult to survive, doing unwholesome, illegal, illicit things just to stay afloat. 1 John 2:15-17,2 Tim.4:10.

Going to/back to demons and demonic sources for valueless/vague powers. Acts 16:17 if the spirit/source is wrong the results/output can not be right.

Don’t ever make men/women your supplier, God uses men but maintain your focus on Him. Jer.17:5,Ps.24:1ff

Don’t lose sight/focus on God’s work in other to make ends meet, you can be a tent maker. Since He called He is faithful 2 Thess5:24,the Pauline model.

Negating our confessions,  sermons,  and strong beliefs of/in God because of our acts of fear of real or apparent enemies.Ps.23:4.

  Do not go back to any king,  always return to the king of kings. He is a present help in times of trouble Ps. 46:1-2.He knows all we are going through and He is a loving God, He will come through , He did it before He will do it again.


Saturday 11 November 2023

Being different, making a difference by Pastor Gbenga Aluko


                                                  Text: Luke 23:44-53

Topic: Being different, making a difference

This will be done with the following sub-headings: 


Biblical account of Joseph of Arimathea

How to be different and make a difference


The focus of the book of Luke was to document the earthly life and ministry of Christ the biggest difference and difference maker of all time, Jesus was different  in all ways and made a difference, to make a difference in the order of Jesus we must be different, some incomparable irreplaceable difference about Christ:  

       His conception by the Holy Spirit                            Luke 1:35,Matt.1:18

       His composition is 100% God, 100% man.                 John 8:58,John 4:6

       His wisdom without rival                                        Matt.13:54,Mark 6:2

       His blood, shed for us                                             John 3:16,Eph.1:7

       His Purpose/Focus                                                John 4:34,Luke 22:42

Biblical account of Joseph of Arimathea 

A good and a righteous man                               vs.50

A member of the Jewish High Council                  vs.50

He didn’t agree with the evil conspiracy                 vs.51

Waiting for the Kingdom of God                         vs.51

What is the account of our life and stewardship, what can people and God give as an account of our life, family, business and even ministry? More importantly, are waiting for the kingdom of God which would be heralded by the rapture?

How to be different and make a difference 

Know Jesus and carry His spirit                                                    John 20:21

Jettison sinful/negative/attitudes and people                              1 Cor.15:33    

Be diligent                                                                                 John 5:17-18

Study and follow the lifestyle of those who are different           

Be a thinker and a doer

Be prayerful                                                                            1Thess.5:16-17                                     

God has made us and is expecting us to be different and make a difference in this decaying world.