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Ministers of God: like Prisoner of war/Christ


TEXT: 1 COR.4:9-13

TOPIC: Ministers of God: like Prisoner of war/Christ


This will be done with the following sub-headings:



Meanings: minister, prisoners of war

Lessons from the pretext

Prisoners of war/Christ?




The writer of the book (1 Corinthians) is Apostle Paul, written between AD 53 and 55 in Ephesus, during Apostle Paul’s third missionary journey. The main thrusts of the book among others are presenting biblical solutions to: idolatry, struggles to stand pure, insensitivity to another’s plight, some questions that had been sent to him earlier.



Minister of God: They are God’s servant Rom 13:4, vessels of God, and ambassadors of Christ 2 Cor.5:20, 1 pt.2:9.

The Ministry of the cross to which we have been signed on is all about souls, it is not ministry of finance, fame or earthly pursuit or ephemerals as some have redirected it to be. (I have not said minister who are permitted by God or have a leading and the capacity to lawfully and rightly try to have some tent making are wrong the issue is 1.COMMERCIALISING/USURPING/DRAINING/MISMANAGING GODS PEOPLE 2.IN GODS NAME)

If Jesus is our anchor/leader as minsters our pursuit of souls and impacting people positively will show it.

Prisoners of war: this word exactly is taken out of the new living translations of verse nine of our text which reads instead I sometimes think God has put us Apostles on display like prisoners of war at the end of a victors parade, condemned to die, we have become a spectacle to the entire world to people and angels alike. However prisoner of war is a person captured, relocated and probably confined after a war, unlike regular prisoners who are legally put behind bars.   

Lessons from the pretext

1. Paul and Apollo’s were models in servant hood vs. 1 what are we modelling to people today.

2. Faithfulness is a requirement of spiritual assignments vs.2

3. Imminent judgement and reward vs.5

4. Receivers not achievers vs.7


Prisoners of war/Christ indeed

The most important feature of any prison is confinement and the most important prayer of any prisoner is freedom so aligning in that regards minister are like prisoners of war/Christ as what we say, do, wear, people we can associate with, gatherings we can attend, (except for evangelism sake), how we can conduct our lives generally are to be censored, seasoned and in tandem with Gods will. Even when we are suffering or in problem our duties/calls overrides our feelings/emotions.Rom.8:36, Heb. 10:33.

  Ministers are forever and unconditionally attached to Christ, His will and ways 1 Cor.7:22 although at time our will may want to rear its ugly head (a case of Jesus Christ in the garden of Gethsemane Matt 26:39) but we are to continually surrender it at the cross like our master eventually did.



We (Ministers) are free in Christ but not free from him, 1 Corinthians 7:22

King James Version22 For he that is called in the Lord, being a servant, is the Lord's freeman: likewise also he that is called, being free, is Christ's servant.






Monday, 21 September 2020



TEXT: JER 18:18-19



The message will be delivered with the following headings:



What angered Judah and Jerusalem and influenced their negative reaction

The consequences

How we involve in stratagem today





God gave another message to prophet Jeremiah and this time He sent him to the Potters shop Jer. 18:1-4, the prophet obeyed as usual and was met with a situation that what the potter made by himself didn’t turn out right and the Potter crushed it started the remaking process immediately God sent a message from same stance that since the potter destroyed what he made that did not meet expectation that if He wants to do same but there is repentance He will switch plans cease hence God’s warning in verses 8 & 9 of same passage but they took the warning out of proportion and instead of changing from evil they went deeper in it .May we be given the grace of God to heed every of His words, counsels, rebuke and warning for our own good in Jesus mighty name Amen. 



 Stratagem means trick/plan/plot 

What angered Judah and Jerusalem and influenced their negative reaction 

It was God’s stern warning against them that infuriated them (what is our reaction to rebuke today?) alas they also thought the following:

That prophet Jeremiah (who was just God’s mouthpiece) was their problem, nope their evil and wickedness was vs.11

The thought they could kill the truth/reward/rewarder for their wickedness, since they were not ready and willing to repent Vs.12 & 18

They thought they could replace Prophet Jeremiah that they did not call, ordain or send with a message. V.18, Jer. 1:5, Jer. 18:1

The consequences 

(a)    They were cursed with various serious level calamity which extends beyond them Jer. 18:21-22

(b)   Prayers was said against them that their sins will not be forgiven vs.23

      (c) Prayer was said against them that God should deal with them in His anger vs.23

How we involve in stratagem today

(a) Speaking ill of God’s message and messengers, Mariam Numbers 12:1-10

(b)Avoiding and distracting or preventing others from receiving Gods word. Elymas the Sorcerer Acts 13:8-11.

(c) Plotting to physically kill/off tract Gods messenger/message Saul Acts 9:23-24,29ff.

(d) Speaking other messages in God’s name

(e) Not carrying Gods spirit before attempting to speak/interpret God’s word, Ethiopian eunuch and Philip Acts 8:30 do you understand what you are reading?  Response how can I…. John 14:26 the Holy spirit teaches all things.



 God’s word is God personality extended John 1:1 says in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. Anything done against God’s word is done against God. Don’t put yourself in a position of fight against God ,its kicking against the prick Acts 9:5-6  and  it will never end well be guided.

Monday, 13 July 2020



The topic will be discussed with the following sub-heading:

Background to the study
Who are the priest in the OT/NT (the passage talks about Priests)
How did they leave God’s path
Aftermath of the above
Our merciful God is always waiting

Background to the study

The name Malachi is the name of the last book of the Old Testament, it is primarily the name of the vessel (a Prophet) through which the book was given and it means “My messenger”.
The book was written around 430 BC, the book was aimed to attack two main issues which were recurring among the Israelite whom were mostly returnees from exile at the period the message was sent to them, these are SINS and UNFAITHFULNESS. Are we any better today Rom 7:24 & 3:23.   

Who are the priest in the OT/NT

Priest in the Old Testament was the class of male individuals who were patrilineal descendants from Aaron (The elder brother of Moses) who served in the Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple until the destruction of Jerusalem in 70CE.Exodus 28:1

Priest in the New Testament has two wings, the high priest of Jesus Christ, the Priesthood of all believers.

The High Priesthood of Jesus Christ:

After the order of Melchizedek Hebrews 7:4ff
The duties and essence of Aaronic Priesthood points to the works of Jesus which was finished on the cross Ex.28:12&15, Ps. 110:4. “The sacrifices”, “God’s appointment” among others although the Priestly service and sacrifice of Jesus is incomparable.

The priesthood off all believers:

To present our bodies first Rom. 12:1
No need for a mediator Gal 3:20, 1 Tim 2:5

How did they leave God’s path

Corrupted the convenant   vs. 8b
Passing instructions that caused many to stumble vs. 8a

Are we also not corrupting the sacrificial death of Christ and grace of God in both ministerial office and in all other office that we occupy by grace. Our actions, instruction and influence are they not causing others to stumble.Heb.6:6, Rom.14:13, Luke 17:1-2

Aftermath of the above Rom1:28

God’s curse: self and blessings vs.2
Punishments even extends to descendants vs.3
Disgrace/embarrassment & humiliation (throw you on a manure pile) vs.: 3b, 9.

Our merciful God is always waiting Zech. 1:3, Jer. 3:22, Rom 10:13

We serve a living and loving God and Saviour John 3:16, that is always willing, waiting, knocking and able to save Rev.3:20, Prov.23:26, 2 Chron.7:14 all we need to do is open our heart and reroute our paths back to our loving saviour. He will not cast away John 6:37.


We know in Part
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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Activating a glorious future

Text: Job 8:7, Deut.26:19, Ex.3:8 & 17
Topic: Activating a glorious future

This topic shall be considered with the following sub-heading:

Background to the study
During the journey into the future (Joseph a case study)
Nuggets for activating the glorious future

Background to the study

The book Job unveils a story that should help us to understand that God is sovereign and just, even though we may not understand His ways,( Is.55:8-9) and also to clearly clarify that suffering is not automatically a result of sin or wickedness ( as against a popular belief) nor is blessing a result of righteousness. 

The book of Job has forty two (42) chapters, but we are concerned about eight chapter, the eight chapter of Job unveils to us the discussion between Job and his friends and precisely Bildad. The referenced verse shows a response to Job but the statement is Positive, Prophetic (Job 42:12), Realistic, Comforting and aligns with other scriptures Hagg.2:9 & 1 Cor.6:19.As such can be considered, may God help us see, align and grant us the grace to appropriate His intent for this message and by extension this conference in Jesus mighty name.  Amen. 

During the journey into the future (Joseph a case study)

There are various possibilities that even the believer with the best attitude and deepest gift can encounter on his/her way to the future, however we are sure that all things work together for our ultimate good Rom 8:28. Some of these are:

(a)    Parent’s house – a place of care, concern, special Love/coat of many colours Gen.37:3
(b)   Pit- a place of hopelessness.Gen.37:23-24
(c)    Potiphar’s house- training ground, made for sharpening/sharpening, this may not be devoid of temptation and trials/lies and set ups. Gen 39:1-20
(d)   Prison- about to happen which come with delivery pains (the darker the night the nearer the day), responsibility and relationship will still be calling and must not be taken for granted. Gen 39:20- 40:23
(e)    Palace- The glorious future arrives. Gen.41:39-45

(Perhaps you are going through unpleasant experience now kindly note that what you are going through is a transition/phase never ever make it or allow others make it your conclusion.)

Nuggets for activating the glorious future

v  Know God, lean and trust Him/His word and Power alone and wholly Josh.1:8,Ps.20:7,John 15:5
v  Discover your purpose ( your purpose is the key to your future),how do I discover my purpose:

God is our manufacturer and every manufacturer knows the why (purpose) of every product, ask God for your purpose.
What am I gifted/graced to do
What do I love to do, can do it for free any day/ anytime
What do I do both excellently and differently
What do I grasp and I am overtly and impressively creative at

v Get the right skill/education/experience 1 Sam.16:16ff...
v Be disciplined Dan 1:8
v Associate rightly/correctly 1 Cor.15:33
v Take steps/ do something. Ex 14:15


There is no future on earth whose duration is more than a flash when compared to eternity, what are we doing in preparation for the future where the glory of Jesus will be unveiled/revealed Titus 2:13 Jesus is still knocking open the door of your heart today Rev 3:20.come to Him today.